See below a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the Trailblazers Youth Racing program:

I've never raced a bike before, is this series for me?
Absolutely! The Trailblazers Youth Racing program is designed for riders of all experience and abilities. From the first time racer to the seasoned vets, this series offers a category for everyone.

What type of equipment will I need to race?
The Alberta Bicycle Association recommends the following equipment at minimum for riders wishing to participate in a Trailblazers Youth Racing series race:
   - Helmet (mandatory)
   - Well tuned mountain bike
   - Closed-toe footwear
   - Water bottle

Do I need an Alberta Bicycle Association Membership to compete?
Participants racing for the first time do not need an Alberta Bicycle Association Membership. First-time racers may be issued a Single Event License that will allow them to compete without the purchase of an ABA General Membership. All subsequent races will require you to purchase a U17 General Membership at minimum. For more information on membership types and rates, see here

What type of bike do I need to compete in this series?
Because of the off-road focus of the Trailblazers Youth Racing program, we recommend that you use a mountain bike for any series races. Youth participating in the "Little Rippers" category have the option of using "Strider" push bikes (no pedals). In some circumstances, a rigid BMX bike may suffice, although is not highly recommended. Skinny-tire road bikes should not be used at any Trailblazers Youth Racing event.