The first thing most members need to do before becoming a member of the ABA is to join an Affiliated Club. If you prefer not to join a club, you can race as an independent rider for a fee of $50.00

There are several different options for riders who to race, the best membership option for you depends on the type of racing you are planning to participate in. An explanation for each license type can be found here.

For those looking to race in the lowest category without the ability to upgrade and will not be attending races outside of Alberta we have a Citizen License available for purchase at a lower cost then the standard UCI license (not available for BMX racers).

Single event licenses are also available at some events for a cost of $10.00 A maximum of 2 single event licenses can be purchased in a season. If after purchasing single event licenses you decide to upgrade to a full license, the cost of the license will be pro-rated. For the single event license policy please click here.

For anyone who is planning to participate in a race, you should be familiar with the rules, make sure you read the tech guide before the race.You may also want to take a look at the ABA Regulations.

For details on specific racing disciplines, such as series points and upgrading please choose the appropriate sport from the menu.

Racing by Sport

Mountain Bike- DH
Mountain Bike-XC