Our Values

Our Values articulate the guiding principles that drive and motivate us, help us achieve our corporate goals and shape our future direction.

Organizational Management and Accountability - Good business depends on knowing what is required and being able to take action to achieve it. We are committed to operating smart and conducting our business in a knowledgeable way ensuring our practices are collaborative, transparent, flexible, supportive and accountable.

Safety – We will focus on promoting and ensuring the highest level of safety and high quality services to all facets of our operations.

Fair Play & Ethics – We will always promote the highest behavioural and ethical standards.

Commitment to Excellence – We will constantly strive to improve our performance through a commitment to excellence across all our areas of operations.

Community & Partnerships – We will actively seek, develop and enhance partnerships with government, sporting institutions, commercial groups and the public to achieve our goals. We focus on building and maintaining effective internal and external exchange in order to communicate effectively with our stakeholders

Innovation - We are committed to developing an organization that is innovative in the areas of strategic priority.

Development & Education – The future of cycling depends on education and development.  We will ensure that we offer a wide variety of opportunities for coaches, athletes, administrators, and volunteers to access education and development opportunities.

Inclusiveness – Our cycling community is inclusive to all persons.
  • Organizational Management and Accountability

  • Safety 

  • Fair Play & Ethics

  • Commitment to Excellence

  • Community & Partnerships

  • Innovation

  • Development & Education

  • Inclusiveness