High Performance

High Performance

The Alberta Bicycle Association supports riders to attend a number of events each year as the Provincial Cycling Team. These events are selected by the Racing Committee and BMX Committee. National Championship events are usually given the highest priority; such events provide an opportunity for Alberta riders to gain selection to the Canadian National Team. In addition to National Championships the Canada Games and Western Canada Games, each occurring on a four-year cycle and encompassing both road and mountain bike events, form a cornerstone of the Alberta Provincial Team program. Alberta cycling teams will compete at the following events in 2008:

Start at the Entry Level

A rider can become part of a Club and learn from the experience they have to offer a new member including learn to ride and race clinics.  Taking part in these clinics will provide a clear understanding of the sport and it will give the knowledge that is needed to grow as a rider.

The rider can also stay as an independent rider and participate in the many regional and weekly events that are hosted throughout the year.  BMX specific riders can join a local track and participate in their weekly events.

Provincial Level Competition

Once a rider has been competing in entry level events and has seen success they should move up to the provincial series of events for Road and Mountain Bike known as the Alberta Cup Series.  In BMX riders have the option to move up in proficiency from Novice to Intermediate or Expert.

At this level a rider should consider joining a club/team and start looking for his or her first coach. Often, this can be done in one step, as many clubs have certified coaches.

Team Alberta

The Alberta Provincial Cycling Team program helps Alberta based and licensed espoir and junior riders develop their talents in a team environment by enabling them to compete at higher level events than are available in Alberta . At provincial team projects, team members will receive coaching and logistical support. Team members will usually be expected to pay a portion of the costs for the team project.

The program is designed to support espoir and junior riders as the long term goal of the program is to develop riders to participate in National Team projects. In addition, some Alberta Bicycle Association funding is related to the Canada Games and Western Canada Games, both of which have age limits.

In most disciplines riders will be required to meet qualifying standards for out of province events.

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