Race Organizers

The Alberta Bicycle Association (“ABA”) is the only nationally and internationally-recognized sanctioning body for bicycle racing in the province. Through the ABA, racers can be sure that the events they are attending will be safely and fairly run. They know that they will compete against racers of similar ability – and that they will be promoted to successively higher levels of competition as their performances warrant.

As a result of the sanctioning process, those participating in competitive cycling also benefit from the development of an organized race calendar. The competitive committees and staff, in co-operation with the race organizers, work to ensure that the calendar has races spread throughout the year, good regional diversity, and as few scheduling conflicts as possible.

Through the Canadian Cycling Association, the ABA offers an extensive sport injury and liability insurance policy for sanctioned events. With insurance in place, clubs and organizers can confidently schedule rides and events knowing they are well-prepared for any eventuality.

To that end, the ABA provides resources necessary for race organizers to host cycling events. If any of the following documents do not meet your needs, or you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact info@albertabicycle.ab.ca.


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