How do I purchase a membership?

Step 1 : Register with a club; for a list of clubs affiliated with ABA click here 
(If you wish to ride as an independent there is a $50.00 independent fee)

Step 2: Purchase a general membership or  racing license by registering online
              or by downloading  the Membership Application and forwarding it to          the  office  along with payment.
             Note- If your club does not appear in Zone 4 they are not affiliated  with the ABA, please contact your club for further details.

Why become a member?

  • ABA Publications
  • E-Newsletter
  • Comprehensive General Liability, AD&D Insurance
  • Events
  • Awards
  • High Performance Team and Coaching
Click HERE to view more information


Download the Membership Application.

Download Membership Waiver- Adult

Download Membership Waiver- UNDER Age of Majority

Single Event License -Adult

Single Event License- UNDER Age of Majority

1.  Print off application and waiver.

2. Fill out the application and waiver.

3.  Scan and email or fax  a copy of both documents  to  Membership Services
 or 780-427-6438780-427-6438

5. If you are experiencing difficulties a manual copy can be emailed to by Membership Services.

*** Please note all new applicants are required to submit Proof of Age.  Failure to do so will delay processing****