Board of Directors

The ABA Board of Directors is the ultimate authority with cycling matters in Alberta.  The Board has the ultimate authority over the affairs of the Association, through the bylaws, terms of reference and objects and is also accountable to the membership of the Association.

VP Administration
VP Recreation & Transport
Shawn Bunnin
Helen Bain
Karly Coleman
VP Women's Cycling VP BMX
VP Racing
Deanne Coish       Tim Croft
Brent Topilko
Member at Large Member at Large
Member at Large
Shantel Koenig
Michael Pinkoski
James Kendal
Member at Large
Chief Commissaire
Past President
 Kyle Husband Geordie Ma

BMX Committee
Jonas Tremel
Tina Tuchscherer
Tim Croft
Doug Jones
Recreation & Transportation Committee
Don Hollingshead  Jeff Gruttz
Krystyn Ong Seth Petrie
Racing Committee
Albert Nguyen
Brent Topilko
Mark Jung
Shaun Adamson Robert Armstrong
Jack VanDyk


The objectives the Board are:

  • to develop a strong financial base, 
  • to increase the ABA membership, 
  • to improve communication between the ABA and its membership,
  •  to have an effective administration.