What is Cyclo-cross?

Cyclocross is a unique sport, combining elements of cross-country running, mountain biking, hurdles, and road cycling. To make their way along steep paths, muddy tracks and artificial obstacles, sometimes the riders even have to carry their bikes. Cyclocross is run on 2.5 to 3.5 km circuits, which includes clearings, roads, country lanes and paths through forests. The riders do several laps of the circuit over a period of no more than an hour. 

Cyclocross combines the technical aspects of mountain biking and the speed of road racing, but neither in excess, so it is a great sport for someone looking to get into cycling. It's fun, mayhem, and thrills for riders and spectators alike, something like steeplechase with bikes.

Cyclocross has a huge following in Europe, bring out crowds in the tens of thousands. Its popularity is growing tremendously in Canada and the United States, and Alberta has sent many riders to National and World Championships.