Road cycling is best described as a lifestyle sport.  It satisfies those who crave competition, it provides camaraderie for those looking for something to belong to, it provides immeasurable health benefits and, by traveling to races in scenic locales and exploring the countryside on training rides, it provides a means to experience the world.

One might attend their first race and find out they are a natural, of course they could also find out they have a long way to go. Riders learn that cycling is both a fun and rewarding pastime, and a personal journey. A cyclist then begins to ride more, may find a coach, begins to attend a weekly training ride or race. They notice they begin to fly up the hills with a little less effort and take corners with more speed. The improvements are measurable and it encourages the cyclist to take the sport a bit more seriously. 

Road is a catch-all term for many different disciplines of cycling (time trials, mass start, and stage racing) and is also a gateway to other cycling sports such as Track racing  and Cyclo-cross. ABA encourages individuals to contact their local club and ask how to participate.

There are categories ranging from beginner to elite, and chances to compete ranging from local club rides all the way up to international events like the Olympics and professional Tour de France. Riders from Alberta have gone on to achieve great success in the world of cycling; national championships, world champions, even Olympic Gold medals.

All these great successes have one thing in common: they began with giving the sport a try.

2012 Road Racing Categories:

Ability Categories
Men Category 1/2
Men Category 3
Men Category 4
Men Category 5
Women 1/2/3
Women 3/4/5  
* the ability category for new riders is Category 5. 
* Women in Category 3 can choose to race 1/2/3 or 3/4/5.

Championship Categories (Age-group)

U15 Boys/Girls
U17 Men/Women
Junior Men/Women
Espoir Men/Women 19-22
Elite (Senior) Men/.Women 23-29

Master A Men/Women 30-39
Master B Men/Women 40-49
Master C Men/Women 50-59
Master D Men/Women 60-69
Master E Men/Women 70-79
Master F Men/Women 80+

*Category Age on December 31

ABA races may be contested by Ability categories, in which all licensed riders may compete, or Championship categories, which may be open only to riders of a certain age.

Other than selection for the Alberta Provincial Team, Espoir categories are not recognized at ABA races.