With Velodromes in both its major cities, Alberta has developed into one of the powerhouses of Canadian track cycling. Olympic gold medalist Lorie Ann Muenzer is a long time member of Edmonton’s track scene, and Alberta has produced a number of national team members.

At the elite level, track has evolved into a highly specialized discipline. Competitors typically favour either the short distance, explosive power events, or longer races which emphasize endurance.

Track cyclists in Alberta can race at local events in Calgary and Edmonton. In addition, they are able to compete for the Journal Cup, a trophy donated by the Edmonton Journal to recognize excellence in track cycling. Local competitions can have many different race formats, many designed just to be fun for participants. Journal Cup events typically include some or all of the following events: 
  • Match Sprint
  • Kilometre/500m Time Trial
  • Keirin
  • Team Sprint
  • Win & Out
  • Individual Pursuit
  • Team Pursuit
  • Scratch Race
  • Points Race
  • Madison
  • Elimination
  • Australia Pursuit
Most ABA events have an event Omnium used for awarding of event prizes. These may take the format of a One-Day, UCI, Olympic, Power or Endurance Omnium.

Track Age Categories

Under 17 Men
Junior Men
Espoir Men 19-23
Elite (Senior) Men 23-29

Women 10-16
Women 17-18
Elite (Senior) Women 19-29

Master A Men/Women 30-39
Master B Men/Women 40-49
Master C Men/Women 50-59
Master D Men/Women 60-69
Master E Men/Women 70-79
Master F Men/Women 80+

*Category Age on December 31

Track Ability Categories

A - Men Road Cat 1/2/3
B - Men Road Cat 4, Women Road Cat 1/2/3
C - Men Road Cat 5, Women Road Cat 3/4/5
Paralympic Men
Parlympic Women
Tandem Men
Tandem Women