The ABA purchases insurance through Holman Insurance, which is underwritten by Gameday Insurance.

More information and forms can be found at the Cycling Canada Insurance program website found here

Declarations Page

2015 Explanation of Coverage


How to report a claim

If an incident and / or accident occurs, it must be documented and recorded immediately.

If there is personal injury or property damage the CCA must be notified immediately.

A CCA Accident Report should be the minimum level of documentation. Additional documentation of witness statements, list of names involved, photos of the scene would make an exceptional report. Reporting should be as in depth as possible as most litigation is brought forward years after the incident when club members with a memory of the incident might not be around anymore.

  • Once complete the Accident Report should be either faxed to Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. at (905) 886-5622 or email to . Forward any correspondence relating to the potential claim
  • In Emergencies contact Gameday / Aviva 1-866-931-0573 or their after hours Emergency Claims Service Number - 1-866-931-0573 (Crawford and Company)

     Avoid speaking to the claimant or their representatives, as this could prejudice the outcome

Sport Accident Claim Form

General Liability Loss Form

Supplemental Insurance Forms

Club D&O Liability Insurance App

BMX Track Construction, Design & Rebuild Supplemental App

Education and Instructional Liability app - use for Canbike and Let's Ride

Out of Country Medical Insurance Application (min $25 charge)

Out of Country Medical Insurance Excel Sheet (to go with the Application)

 Cycle Shop Insurance CC Members shops get a discount for store insurance.

Organizer Insurance

Organizer insurance forms and information can also can be found  here

Liquor Liability Supplemental Application

Insurance Certificate/Commercial Event Insurance