The local and national appeal of the Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA) is a great way to increase public awareness of your business.  Cycling remains an open and accessible market for both small business and large corporations


Cycling is a lifelong, clean, amateur, Olympic and professional activity that also provides independence, transportation, health benefits and tourism potential, all of which align with Canada’s and Alberta’s goals.


Goals of the ABA


Facility Development/Event Organization

Continue to support the development of bicycling events, their organizers, and officials in

Athlete Development

Long Term Athlete Development Model combined with introductory programs


Work to develop cycling as a valid form of transportation and recreation and improve
infrastructure in conjunction with other NGO's in Alberta

Raise ABA profile with the public, contribute to Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, build on Tour of Alberta's cycling exposure in 2013
Annual Activities

  •          Trailblazers youth series
  •          BMX Day in Alberta
  •          Provincial team camps, Nationals, training races
  •          Event expenses- plates, trailer supplies to assist organizers
  •          Transportation and Advocacy conference

To further discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact:

         Heather Lothian
Executive Director
Alberta Bicycle Association




High Performance Team Sponsorship Package

Trailblazers Sponsorship Package