About ABA

The Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA) is the affiliated Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) of Cycling Canada. It operates under the authority of the world governing body of all cycling's many sports, the Union Cycliste International (International Cycling Union) in Geneva.

The mission of the ABA is to advocate, develop, and facilitate bicycling for Albertans.

The vision of the ABA is to be the recognized authority and leader for bicycling in Alberta.

The Board of Directors and Committees of the ABA is elected by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting every November. All members and clubs have the opportunity run and vote for members of the Board. The Board reflects the input of the three Committees (BMX, Racing, and Rec. & Trans.) which meet throughout the year to plan and coordinate the programs and services offered by the Association to our membership.

The ABA relies on volunteers whose passion and contribution are essential, including:

  • coaches
  • commissaires
  • race organizers
  • Board
  • and Committee members.
The ABA also employs several full-time staff to administer the day-to-day operations of the ABA and to provide services to thousands of members across Alberta.

Contact Info:

Alberta Bicycle Association
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton AB T5M 3K6

Phone: 780-427-6352
Toll Free: 1-877-646-BIKE (2453)
Fax: 780-427-6438