2017 Provincial Team

The 2017 season will be the 4th year and final cycle of athlete preparation and development for the 2017 Canada Games that are being hosted in Winnipeg, MB throughout the month of July. The competitive season will focus primarily on the development of young cyclists in the province who are sighted as potential Canada Games athletes. Canada Games are the key gauge by which the ABA is appraised by the Alberta Sport Connection. Resources targeted at athletes in the 16 to 22 year age range also fulfill the ABAs role in the implementation of Cycling Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) stages of: Train to Train, Learn to Compete and Train to Compete.

2016 Provincial Team Events

Victoria Road Camp December 27th to January 3rd

Western Canadian Track Championships February 17th to 19th

Victoria MTB Camp February 15th to 20th

Victoria MTB Canada Cup March TBD

Junior Track National Championships April TBD

Other Provincial Team events to be confirmed January 2017.

ABA Provincial Team policies for all teams

•   To be eligible for selection, athletes must be licensed members of the Alberta Bicycle Association, and must carry the designation ‘Canadian’ on their licenses. (Some exceptions may apply.)

•   If a selected rider refuses his or her position on the Provincial Team, the Racing Committee may at their discretion choose to replace that rider; in the case that another rider is selected, the position will become a “Racing Committee Selection”.

•   Projects are partially funded by the Alberta Bicycle Association; selected athletes are responsible to contribute a portion of the costs.

•   Athletes are required to sign the Team Alberta Athlete Agreement prior to taking part in a project.

•   Athletes must wear the Provincial Team uniform when competing for Team Alberta. 

•   Athletes must complete the UCI anti-doping education module "True Champion or Cheat" before taking part in any Provincial Team activities.  

Athletes may be selected for doping control at any of the races listed above. It is the athlete’s responsibility to become familiar with doping control procedures, and the list of restricted and banned substances. Athletes should consult the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport (http://www.cces.ca/) for information on restricted substances, therapeutic exemptions, and other doping control matters.

For details on specific selection criteria click on the provincial team project below:

2017 Provincial Team Selection Documents

Victoria Road Camp
Western Canadian Track Championships
Victoria MTB Camp
Bear Mt MTB Canada Cup
Junior Track National Championships
Cyclo-Cross National Championship
BMX Program(2017)

BMX Development Team(2017)