Para Cycling

Para Cycling

In 2007, cycling for riders with a disability was fully integrated into the disciplines governed by the International Cycling Union. Cycling races for handicapped riders are now listed on its calendar, governed by its regulations and verified by its commissaires.

Two disciplines are open to this category of riders at present:

Track events:

  • Tandem sprint race (men and women)
  • Team sprint race (men) - 500 metre time trial (women)
  • 1,000 metre time trial (men)
  • Individual pursuit (men and women).

Road events:

  • Individual time trials (men and women)
The competitions comprise four groups of impairments (blind and partially sighted riders, riders with by Advertise"> cerebral palsy , locomotion impairments and hand cycle riders) and a total of 14 functional categories for men and women in all the age categories defined by the UCI. Riders are placed in the appropriate category after a classification assessment.
Para Cycle Integration (pdf)