Mountain - XC and Marathon

The following are commonly offered mountain bike events in Alberta:

Cross-country (XC) is a mass-start competition, and may be contested on a circuit, or as a point-to-point race.  XC racing requires fitness, smooth skills, flowing hair and a high pain tolerance.  Provincial XC champions are recognized in all categories.

Marathon (MA) races are comprised of off-road events with courses longer than 60km. The courses can be either a marathon format where the competitor has to complete the set distance over 60 km or they can be a timed event where the competitor completes as many laps as  they are able to in a set amount of time.

Alberta Provincial Mountain Bike Categories

Novice Youth (Age 10-16)
U13 Novice, U15 Novice,
U17 Novice

Sport Youth (Age 10-16)
U13 Sport, U13 Expert, U15 Sport, U15 Expert, U17 Sport

Novice (Age 17+)
Junior Novice, Senior Novice, Master Novice, Master 40+ Novice

Sport (Age 15+)
U17 Expert*, Junior Sport,
Senior Sport, Master Sport,
Master 40+ Sport

Expert (Age 17+)
Junior Expert, Senior Expert,
Master Expert, Master 40+ Expert

Elite (Age 18+)

*Age as of Dec 31st of the current racing year