DH and 4X

Downhill (DH) is an individually timed competition on downhill terrain.  DH racing emphasizes skills, explosive power, and confidence in your ability.  Top DH racers often appear to float over exceptionally rough terrain that would otherwise be difficult for most to walk on.

4-Cross (4X) is an event where four riders compete side-by-side on the same downhill course. The nature of the event is such that some unintentional contact between riders may occur. Riders compete in heats, advancing to further rounds by finishing in the top-two in their heat. Aside from an individual qualifying run, this event is not timed.

ABA DH Categories for men and women.

U13 *                    (Age 11-12)

U15 *                    (Age 13-14)

U17                        (Age 15-16 Sport and Expert)

Junior                   (Age 17-18 Sport and Expert )

Senior                   (Age 19-29 Sport and Expert)

Masters A           (Age 30-39 Sport and Expert)

Masters B+         (Age 40+ Sport and Expert)

Elite                        (Age 19+ Elite)

  *U13 and U15 can only race on approved youth courses.  Check each races technical guide for further information. 

See "Downhill Course Difficulty Rating System" for U13 and U15 course requirements.

*Age as of Dec 31st of the current year