How do I start a Club?

To form a club

A President and Secretary are the minimum requirements, but other club officials may be added as needed.

Clubs are required to be a minimum of 5 members. Clubs that have less than 5 members can register as Provincial Trade Team.


The club affiliation fee, payable to the ABA, is $150 for both competitive and non-competitive clubs, plus $35 per licensed rider for insurance.

For a Provincial Trade Team the fee is $300.00 plus $35 per licensed rider for insurance.

These fees are used to further the Alberta Bicycle Association's commitment to promoting safe and enjoyable cycling throughout the province. 

If you need more assistance or advice on how to go about starting a club, please contact  the ABA office for more information.


Option 1 - Fill out the downloadable form and send with payment it by either mail to:

(Cheque, Visa/Mastercard)

ABA Office
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton AB T5M 3K6

Option 2 - Online registration with Zone4


Licensing/Membership Coordinator


2014 Club Affiliation PDF